Melior Trade offers services to satisfy and facilitate its client’sbusiness, customer satisfaction is the most important thingfor us, we want to help everyone realize their dream of owning and “showing off” a luxury watch at a fair price.



All watches sold by Melior Trade are scrupulously controlled from the time of purchase to the time of sale, and are purchasedonly after passing a second check through the expert hands of our technicians.

All watches are inspected and, if needed, treated aesthetically before being offered for sale to our customers.

These three individual and independent steps guarantee the customer a safe and transparent purchase.

By law we are obliged to give a 12 month warranty for used goods, but being so confident in our product we have extended the warranty up to 18 months on all used watches and on all repairs made at our in-house lab. This is valid for the total originality both internal and external, as well as for the proper functioning and legal obligations in terms of lawful origin. Given our scrupulous controls on second-wrist watches, we offer a 24-month warranty on the products sold.



Melior trade always wants to achieve the dreams of its clients. If you do not find the perfect used luxury watch in our stock, then we will look all over the world, whatever it takes to best satisfy you.

In fact, with our search service you can order your watch even if it isn’t present in our stock of watches for sale at the moment, thanks to the great experience of our agents and the presence of offices on different continents, we are ready to seek and meet your needs.

This is in line with our mission to give everyone the satisfaction of showing off their own luxury watch at a fair price.


Custom pieces

Do you want a piece of unique jewelery that only you can show off? Do you want to represent your company with different forms of branding, which give a classy and elegant look? We provide the solution with personalized servicesthat meet your needs,creating your own custom watch according to your specific requirements. A unique item suitable for you or your company that can represent you elegantly and luxuriously.