Melior Trade is a company that specializes in pre owned luxury watches.

Over the years we have developed common ethical standards that allow us to work and guarantee the best for our customers, so we have created a Charter of Values that is respected by everyone who is part of the Melior Trade team.



Luxury watch brands for all

Melior Trade’s mission is to contribute, together with its partners, to the dream of a growing number of people to own and “show off” a watch of rare beauty, at a more affordable price.



Your partner for your jewelery business

Melior Trade will become the most important jeweler partner for you. A partner who wants to give customers unforgettable emotions, accompanying others into the future with the support they need to develop their business.


Charter of Values

  • Ethics: We respect the fundamental rules of ethics, at every level, and always. Our guiding principles are the fundamental reason for our prosperity.

1 Treat others as you would want to be treated.

2 Respect spoken agreements.

  • Excellency: Everyone who works with our group, both internal and external, will commit to pursue the utmost excellence in every task.
  • Causativity: Everyone must commit to using causativity both within and outside of the company, everyone must feel that they themselves are the cause of what happens, and not a mere effect.
  • Listening: the commitment to always being an open and available interlocutor.
  • Respect: the commitment to consider people as part of a stable social relationship with dignity, favoring and supporting understanding.
  • Solidarity: promoting a culture that protects the existence and well-being of people, families and businesses. It also means engaging in mutual support and collaboration as a driving force to ensure the company’s efficiency and development.
  • Responsibility: the commitment to take control of the consequences of one’s actions with seriousness, transparency and fairness, individually and collectively, without betraying the trusted relationship.


As a luxury watch market specialist we all agree to abide by these values as a guarantee for everyone who interacts with Melior Trade.

“Meet the CEO Vito Romano”