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✓ 24-month products warranty
✓ Guaranteed expertise, latest technology
✓ Best quality and ideal watches
✓ Passionate and dedicated
Exclusive, long-standing partnership with Jewellers
We perfectly know what you need
We help you sell
Best quality.
Right price.
Perfect trade.

MELIOR TRADE: Second-hand luxury watches specialist

Melior Trade is a company that specializes in second-hand watches, thanks to the passion and experience of its buyers it can guarantee the best products at a fair price. The world of used luxury watches gives more and more people the opportunity to wear objects of rare beauty.

Melior Trade is a new company that works around the world in the jewelery market, dealing in particular with the luxury watches of several prestigious brands (such as Rolex, Tudor, Omega), not only as a supplier, but also as a true partner just for jewelers.
The market for luxury time pieces has changed with the arrival of Melior Trade, a reliable, positive, and young partner, that will work with you step by step, providing you with a unique, dedicated, high-quality service that will improve, facilitate, and increase your jewelery business.
By uniting 30 years of experience in the watch industry with new forms of communication, we are able to create a winning combination that produces real results.
In addition to the best conditions for your pre-owned luxury watches, we offer web marketing consulting to help our partners grow and increase their sales.
We keep our partners up to date on every part of the industry, taking you the extra mile and allowing your customers to realize their dream of owning a luxury watch brand.
We are specialists in the second-hand luxury watch market and we work around the world to ensure the highest quality on the products offered.
Become a partner now and discover all of our exclusive services.

Become Our Partner

Guaranteed partnership for a long-standing business

Melior Trade offers exclusive partnership with jewellers all over the world. We know your business well. Rest assured that we will provide you with all your business necessities.

For jewellers only

Totally dedicated to B2B, Melior Trade offers its customers all-round support, such as helping them find the timepieces in highest demand; providing technical assistance for the assessment of unsold stocks;product presentations; guarantees; and all upcoming innovative digital services soon to be available on our website,as well as prestigious customisation of our watches.

Best quality, right price, perfect trade

Get your best-priced new and pre-owned luxury watches from your trusted partner Melior Trade.We only sell the best quality products and if all items don’t get sold, we buy them back!

We have the know-how

Melior Trade is a choice of quality. Our purpose is to make you forget any worries and any issues with stock supply and management. We’re not interested in doing business with just anyone: we want to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with you. Which is why with Melior Trade you’ll have:

– zero problems in sourcing your requested models
– zero delays
– zero assistance issues
– zero problems with unsold stock
– zero dissatisfied customers

Meeting a new challenge with 30 years’ expertise

We are your partner, not just simple supplier

I’ve been fascinated by the world of luxury watches since childhood days, when I used to poke around and play in my family’s jewellery store. I’d spend hours quietly listening to all those watches ticking away, admiring the most precious timepieces and trying to imagine their secret mechanisms. My father would point out the features of the different models, impressing on me the skilled craftsmanship of those master watch designers. So I started to learn about watches: how to recognize, evaluate, and take care of them with passion and dedication.


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